• WILDEN innovates again!!! with… Pro-Flo® SHIFT

    Wilden® is pleased and excited to announce the release of Pro-Flo® SHIFT, the most energy-efficient air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump to date, and a true game-changer in the pneumatic-pump market.

  • As Canada's larger Wilden pump Stocking distributor, Hurricane pump distribution is proud to supply its clientele with the largest inventory of pumps of all sizes and materials and offers a fully staffed service center for all your needs with your pump repairs.

  • FTI's DB Series Magnetic Drive Pumps are the product of advanced engineering CFD design software and superior magnetic flux technology. Using powerful neodymium magnetic technology, the DB sealless mag drive pumps are an ideal replacement for mechanical sealed pumps in corrosive duty applications
  • Packo is a manufacturer of worldwide repute of stainless steel sanitary pumps for food and pharmaceutical and general industries. They are designed, manufactured and delivered to the most rigid sterile design standards and regulations.

  • ALMATEC has established its reputation in the field of pneumatic diaphragm pumps worldwide due to superior product quality and many trend-setting developments. The special design of the pumps has immediately become the ALMATEC trademark.

John Brooks Company Limited Acquires Hurricane Pump Distribution Inc.

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Hurricane Pump Distribution Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of:

  • Wilden

  • Finish Thompson Inc.

  • Neptune


  • Weatherford

  • Sihi

  • Almatec

  • Griswold



Hot Oil and Water Pumps

SIHIsupernova - Hot Water Pumps
Capacity: 2100 GPM Total Head: 300 Ft Temperature: 446 °F: Material Ductile iron.

ZTND - Pumps for Heat Transfer Oils
PN-16 casing, Capacity: 2600 GPM Total Head: 300 Ft. Temperature: to 662°F.

ZTNY - (Heavy Duty) Pumps for Heat Transfer Oil
PN-40 casing, Capacity:1800 GPM Head: 295 ft. Temperature: to 662°F.

Multi-Stage Pumps

SIHI multi range of horizontal or vertical ring-section multistage pumps are for high pressure applications.

HEG Series - Mutlistage Centrifugal Pumps
Capacity: 638 GPM Total Head: 1279 Ft. Temp.: to 380°F.
MS Series - Modular Multistage Pump
Capacity: 1100 GPM Total Head: 2100 Ft. Temperature: to 356°F.

Side Channel Pumps

This extensive range of side-channel pumps are available in various designs including:- Horizontal or vertical, self-priming and some of a segmental construction. The pumps are able to handle entrained gases and liquids which in some cases contain solid or abrasive matter.

Capacity:20 to 60 GPM Heads: to 900 FT. Temperature: to 250°F.

Capacity: to 160 GPM Heads: to 1000 FT. Temperature: to 350°F.
Capacity:30 to 60GPM Heads: to 650 FT. Temperature: to 250°F.
Capacity: to 40 GPM Heads: to 390 FT. Temperature: to 250°F.
Capacity: to 160 GPM Heads: to 1000 FT. Temperature: to 350°F.



Magnetic Drives

By exploiting the pumping effect created by the inner magnet and bearings, cooling and lubrication rates are maintained at an almost constant rate..

A large number of pumping processes, especially in the chemical industry, require pump sealing systems adapted to the particular application. In most applications these requirements are satisfied by pumps with magnetic couplings that by means of a motor, are able to statically seal the pump shaft from the atmosphere.

This solution can replace various conventional sealing methods thereby reducing costs and increasing reliability. Process pumps are used for many different applications including the handling of corrosive, abrasive, toxic and foul smelling liquids.

Features & Benefits: Magnetic Coupling

Comprehensive program - SIHI uses modular magnetic couplings in it’s complete program of liquid pumps providing power ratings to 154 HP (115 kw) and temperatures from - 40 °F to 725 °F (- 40 °C to 400 °C.)

Reliability - constant partial flow- robust silicon carbide bearing- integral protection against damage

Reduced Maintenance - no wear parts- no special assembly tools- easy maintenance

Special Pump Designs - The experience gained enables SIHI to design pumps with magnetic couplings for special applications.

Industries and Applications:
• Chemical
• Pharmaceutical
• High Temperature

Accessories: Available upon request