Drum and Container Pumps, flow meters, Lutz drum pumps provide a safe, fast solution for the transfer of liquids from drums, barrels, IBC's and other containers. Acid, alkalis, flammable and viscous liquids can be pumped with the electric or compressed air driven pumps

Pump Tubes from Lutz Pump

Whether acids or alkalis, light or concentrated, mineral oil products, hazardous fluids or solvents: Lutz offers ten ready-to-use drum pump sets fitted with ideally matched components. This makes ordering really easy, and you save time for the important things.

  • Ideal for pumping and filling thin-bodied and low viscous liquids from canisters, drums and containers.
  • Pump and accessories harmonized with the liquid being pumped.
  • Immediately ready for action.
  • No special knowledge required for selection and start-up.


Laboratory drum pumps from Lutz are ideally suited for emptying thin bodied liquids from canisters, cans and drums in the laboratory and research sector. The small immersion tube diameter makes it possible to empty even narrow-necked vessels safe and easy. The infinitely variable speed controller with integrated on/off switch allows a controlled and comfortable filling of smaller and larger liquid amounts.

  • Perfect for the laboratory and research sector.
  • Variable speed motor with safety cut-out to enable the transfer of liquids in small amounts.
  • Mounted hanger for storing nozzle and connection cable.
  • Improved complete drainage function.
  • Sealless pump tube without grease fillings.

Advantages of the Lutz flow meters:

For mounting on drum and container pumps, fittings with screw thread, measuring cell protected form impurities by an integrated strainer, optional non-return valve, integrated control unit, either direct input or preset table delivery rate, large LCD for easy reading, even at a distance, control unit can be rotated in 90º steps in any direction, volume unit simple to set, additional operating mode display, 6-digit display of the total delivery rate, flow velocity display, optional liquid level function, easy battery replacement.