Packo Pumps

Packo stainless steel centrifugal pumps prove their reliability every day in the most diverse applications worldwide. The range includes standard, multistage, self-priming, axial flow, free passage and immersible pumps and goes up to 450 m³/h / 2000 US.GPM, 120 m / 400 ft and 45 kW / 60 hp.

 Standard (single stage) centrifugal pumps

Packo FP pumps are designed according to the strictest cleanability standard (EHEDG, 3A) and mainly used in the food and processing industries. The sterile design of the PHP series is ideal for pure water in the pharmaceutical industries. NP and ICP pumps are used for general industrial applications.

 Self-priming pumps

SCP and CRP pumps are ideally suited as self-priming and air handling pump in the food, pharmaceutical and processing industries, f.i. CIP-return and tanker unloading. The ISP range is designed for general industrial applications.

 Multistage centrifugal pumps

Multistage pumps are used for efficiently pumping fluids at low flow and high head. The FMS is designed according to the strictest cleanability standards. Typical applications are filtration, cleaning and pasteurization. The NMS is its used for general industrial applications.

 Axial flow pumps

The AX is designed for efficiently transporting high flows at low heads and for mixing products in suspension in the food, processing and general industries.

 Free passage pumps

The Packo sanitary FP2FF and industrial ICP2FF pumps are standard single stage centrifugal pumps with a (slightly) deeper pump casing allowing solids to pass through the pump. The VDVM range with vortex impeller and the VDKM with channel impeller are the stainless steel reference for carefully pumping vulnerable, fibrous or abrasive solids in suspension. Typical applications are the handling of vegetables, fruits, shellfish, waste water, tannery waste, textile (foaming dyes), offal, etc. The VDKK is ideal for the pumping of potatoes.

 Immersible pumps

The pump casing of the IM range is submersed in the fluid. No mechanical seal is required. This makes this construction ideal for f.i. hot oil or galvanic substances.